DI—Donor Intelligence. . . the “science” of fundraising!

Our Donor Management Solutions are backed by a team with a proven, systematic approach developed over 30+ years of experience. Our expertise is growing donor bases and moving donors up the gift pyramid, generating more quantified major and planned gift prospects.

More than 200 nonprofit organizations have partnered with us to develop successful fundraising campaigns. Each has had unique campaign goals and reporting needs.

 That said, no matter how unique the campaign, experience teaches us:

Program Design Matters

Our Program Design process is proven to build a robust donor base and, through “moves management”, identify qualified major and planned gift prospects.

Our highly customized “Program Design” process:

Ensures your Annual Fund Program remains “Donor-Centered”
Brings the sound fundraising principles of major gifts to the Annual Fund
Maximizes your ROI through Donor Intelligence
Enables “moves management”

Data Segmentation Matters

The Five Right Rule starts with data segmentation to ensure the “right” person, asks the “right” prospect, for the “right” gift, using the “right” case for support, and through the “right” communication channel. PrometheusDI will partner with you to design an Annual Fund Program to realize your goals.

Caller Training Matters

CallerMax is the only online student caller Learning Management System on the market. CallerMax turns your student callers into fundraisers. Based on the best practices gleaned from over 40 years of managing on-campus phone programs, CallerMax ensures every caller is getting the same, high-quality, proven training. It teaches the steps of effective fundraising phone calls that are designed to leave the prospect feeling good while securing pledges and credit card gifts.

Donor Analytics Matter

  Donor Analytics—more than pledge rate, average gift, & total dollars raised . . .

PrometheusDI will not only train your Calling Managers on how to read the reports but how to leverage the insights/trends gained from the reports to effect positive change.

Donor Analytics – provides Program Calling Managers with the data needed to effect positive change at:

Campaign Level
Segment Level
Individual Caller Level

Donor Analytics tells us:

Is the Five Right Rule setup properly?
What part of the Conversation needs improvement?
What CallerMax advanced training is needed?

Donor Analytics also tells us:

How do alumni really feel about an objective?
What PR issue is the university facing?
What “case for support” is resonating?

Technology Matters

Program Design Software Setup Training & Support Communication Dynamic Analytics & Reporting Results!

PrometheusDI is an Expert VanillaSoft partner.

VanillaSoft’s customizable donor engagement platform allows you to craft your phonathon software around your campaigns — not the other way round — ensuring the best possible experience for your donors and fundraisers. Delivering best-in-class ROI, VanillaSoft will enable you to increase your calls and achieve your fundraising goals faster.

Prometheus will work with you to design and set up your phonathon program & software from start to finish. We’ll focus on the technical details so you don’t have to.

PrometheusDI & VanillaSoft — working together to ensure your success:

Program Design — The Right Prospect. Right Volunteer. Right Case. Right Ask Amount. Right Communication Channel.
Dynamic Scripting — Strategic Communication Strategy & Customized Ask Amounts
Intelligent Routing — Focus on the Right Prospects
Multi-Channel Communition — Meet your donors where they like to communicate {mail – phone – email – SMS Texting – social media}
Dynamic Analytics — Real-time Dashboard & Custom Reporting


Fulfillment Matters

  PrometheusDI provides a Donor-Centered pledge collection process — achieving the highest collection rates.

Multi-payment and sustaining gift ask strategies are essential to “Moves Management”—maximizing the philanthropic giving potential of a donor at every level of the donor life cycle.

eZpledge, pledge fulfillment processing, was born out of the need for a quality pledge collection system.

The Bottom Line

PrometheusDI brings the “conversation” back to Annual Giving!

Our systematic approach of “Moves Management” including identification, qualification, stewardship, cultivation and multi-channel solicitation strategies—moves donors up the donor pyramid—resulting in major gifts.

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