Why PrometheusDI?

Our donor management solutions are backed by a team with a proven, systematic approach developed over 30+ years of experience. Our expertise is growing donor bases and moving donors up the gift pyramid, generating more quantified major and planned gift prospects.

The “DI” stands for Donor Intelligence . . .

A key aspect of our program that provides program managers with the data needed to effect positive change at:

Campaign Level — to maximize overall program performance
Segment Level — to better understand alumni and potential donors
Caller Level — to understand additional training requirements

PrometheusDI combines the power of technology with human interaction through a donor-centered multichannel approach.

Moves Management

CASE, Giving USA and AFP all report that donor counts and alumni participation rates are down. Why? Because the Annual Giving Program, too often, is not designed to generate new “sticky” donors at higher gift levels.

Our program design process is proven to build a robust donor base and, through “moves management”, identify qualified major and planned gift prospects.

Our highly customized “Program Design” process:

Ensures your Annual Fund Program remains “Donor-Centered”
Brings the sound fundraising principles of major gifts to the Annual Fund
Maximizes your ROI through Donor Intelligence
Enables “moves management” . . .

Our systematic approach of “moves management” includes:

Multi-Channel Solicitation Strategies


 We focus on having conversations

Case, Giving USA & AFP all report Major Gifts are up. Why? Because Major Giving continues to focus on the “conversation” based on the Five Right Rule and the Principals of Fundraising.

The Five Right Rule

The Five Right Rule takes a prospective Donor through the essential steps of education, cultivation, and solicitation. This can take 10-months, 10-minutes, or 10-seconds the point being the Donor needs this sequence as an experience to make a gift.

The Right Person
Asks the Right Prospect
For the Right Gift
Using the Right Case
Through the Right Communication Channel


PrometheusDI leverages insights powered by 30+ years of fundraising, marketing, and analytics expertise. Our approach maximizes the giving potential of a donor at every level of the donor life cycle. The result . . .

Increased Average Gifts
Increased Donor Participation

 PrometheusDI will help you design an Annual Fund program to realize your goals!

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The Bottom Line

PrometheusDI brings the “conversation” back to Annual Giving!

Our systematic approach of “moves management” including identification, qualification, stewardship, cultivation and
multi-channel solicitation strategies—moves donors up the donor pyramid—resulting in major gifts.

Our Client Partners

  • Clarkson University – NY
  • Northwestern University – IL
  • Pacific Lutheran University – WA
  • University of Tennessee
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute – MA
  • De Smet Jesuit High School – MO
  • Latin School of Chicago – IL
  • McCallie School – TN
  • St. Catherine’s School – VA
  • WAMU – DC